Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Snowflake Flourish

It is almost Thanksgiving time.  Just a couple more days and I will be eating myself sick!!! This honestly is one of my favorite holidays.  When my parents were alive we would drive to Minnesota to pick them up and bring them back to Iowa.  We would go up on Wednesday and pick them up.  Have Thanksgiving dinner with my whole family.  Then on Friday, the family would all go out for lunch.  After lunch, my husband and I would take them to a casino.  They loved to get out a bit and do a little gambling.  We would come back, eat leftovers and watch a little TV.  We had cable so my dad would sit the rest of the evening and watch westerns.  Man, he loved his westerns.  After breakfast, we would take them back on Saturday.  That way they had a day to recuperate they started there week over again.

When making this card, lots of memories came flooding back so I decided to make this card in my parent's favorite colors.  Shades of blue.  They both loved the color of blue so it reminds me of them during this holiday season.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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